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Cheating Quotes

So you're telling me you're seeing someone else?   What is the point of wasting someone's time, if you can't be completely loyal and faithful to...

Fuck Quotes

Which One Are You? Scorpio - Drunken Monkey Sex.  Libra - Mind Blowing Sex.  Saggitarius - Wrong Hole Sex.  Pisces - Anywhere Possible Sex....

Bitchy Quotes

I can be the nicest bitch you ever met or the meanest bitch that you ever encountered.  It's all how you treat me!   When he...

Father Quotes

Oh, Meme Dad.  You find all those memes so funny...including me! A daughter needs a Dad to be the standard against which she will judge...

Hopeful Romance

Heart Sent Quotes - Hopeful Romance Kiss me hard and fuck me harder 20 minutes into oppression and chill and they give you this look.     It's not that I'm...

Children Quotes

Here is a collection of some of the best children memes we have found so far.  Let us know what you think!!   Disapproval.  You'll know...


Together Memes

Don’t Care Quotes

not leaving

Loyal Memes and Quotes


Bitchy Quotes

Fuck Quotes

Best Friend Memes

Children Quotes

Don’t Care Quotes


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