Funny Relationship Memes

Let’s get some humor in your relationships, tag someone you love in one of these funny relationship memes and make the one you care about the most laugh.

“A Fact Of Life: After Monday & Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF.”


“Single or Taken, I get about as much attention as a white crayon.”

Funny Relationship Memes

“Redifining, White Girl Wasted.”

white girl wasted

“Dear Men, if you’re going to watch porn, at least learn from it. Sincerely, unsatisfied women everywhere.”

watch porn and learn from it

“Today is… National Short Girl Appreciation Day.”

short girl appreciation day

“SEX, Dear Facebook friends, Since I have your attention now, stop sending game requests.”


“You are the CSS to my HTML.”


“Fuck stress have sex.”

have sex

“Ever looked at your ex and wondered, was I drunk the entire relationship?”

drunk relationship

“Name something that men say when they get caught cheating.”

caught cheating

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